My name is Alexandru Dumitraşcu
and I am assistant professor (lecturer) position
in Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, U.P.B,
on Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering.


I was born on March 14, 1977 in Tārgu-Jiu, Gorj.
In 1995, I graduated the Tudor Vladimirescu high school, Tārgu-Jiu.
I received my M.S. in Automation and Industrial Informatics in 2001 from the Automatic Control and Computers Faculty after a study period to the University of Catania - Italy (March-July, 2001). The title of paper was The virtual instrumentation for distributed measurement system.
In 2002, I am graduated the Master courses with Intelligent Systems specialisation. The title of paper was The human behaviors simulator for autonomous robots.
In June 2011, I obtained my PhD in Automatic Control field at University Politehnica of Bucharest with thesis “Contributions to industrial computer networks in process control”.



Area of interest: intelligent systems in ecology, industrial network communications, data compression, robotic programming.